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Grant Process

While the Foundation accepts unsolicited proposals, the vast majority of grants are made to organizations with which the Cooks or the Foundation have an established fu​nding history or organizations the Directors have identified.  Rarely are grants awarded to new organizations with no previous involvement.  The Foundation funds on an annual cycle - with an organization eligible every twelve months.​​

Please read the following information carefully to determine if you are eligible to apply or would be a possible candidate for funding. If you have not received funding previously, you are strongly encouraged to call before completing the grant form.  Discussion can help guide the process and improve results.


The Foundation only makes grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, governmental units, or non-private foundation public charities as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.  Additionally, the Foundation looks to fund only those organizations with a track record of successful operations, a strong sustainability outlook and the likelihood of a measureable impact on the community it serves.

Types of Support:

Capital Projects -- Project/Program Specific -- General Operations

​While Foundation policy is weighted toward capital and project based funding, general operating

support is not prohibited.  Beginning in 2022, we are not accepting new general operating grant proposals.

When requesting $25,000 or more, a Grant Request Form is required.  For smaller grants, please send a written request detailing the project, expected outcomes and impact to date.  Please limit information provided to five pages or less.  Electronic delivery is preferred.  The Grant Request Forms can be accessed by clicking the buttons below but cannot be submitted on the site.  Please submit via email to or or use traditional USPS delivery.

Geographic Focus:

Our focus is on West Michigan, and more specifically, Grand Rapids. Occasionally the Trustees initiate a grant or develop a relationship of support for an organization outside our focus area. However, we suggest organizations outside West Michigan without an existing relationship with the Foundation conserve their resources and not apply.

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