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Is a special focus of the Peter C. & Emajean Cook Foundation

Peter was raised in the neighborhood, first residing wih his parents at 569 Shamrock Street and then 650 London Street.


Today the area is 76% Latino or Hispanic and home to many young families living at or below the poverty level.  40% of the neighborhood's population is under the age of 17.

Peter's love for the area is memorialized by the work of many of the organizations in the neighborhood, including the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association and the Grandville Avenue Center for the Arts and Humanities (GAAH).

The Cook Arts Center provides art programming in various forms to give those in the neighborhood an opportunity to develop and appreciate the arts.

The Cook Library is transforming the lives of those in the neighborhood through reading, learning opportunities and computer access.

NEW for 2015-2017 SiTE:LAB in Roosevelt Park

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